Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?


I know it is only January, but this is the time people start thinking of putting their home on the market for Spring sale. People want to test the waters and often decide to sell their home themselves, FSBO rather than contact a licensed professional Realtor.
Sure it sounds nice to save 5-7% (real estate fees are negotiable and between you and your agent). What does that really save you in the long run?

Here are some things to consider when you For Sale By Owner.
Are you prepared for full disclosure?

Do you have the proper legal description of your property?

Are you familiar with Federal Fair Housing Regulations (RESPA Act)?

Do you have adequate liability insurance?

Have you prepared your home to avoid accidents?

Do you have access to appliance warranties?

Do you have a legal contract available should a qualified buyer want to purchase your home?

Are you prepared to disclose all features of the property?

Are you familiar with environmental disclosures?
The other side of this if you are a BUYER is that the individual selling the house often doesn’t know the answers to a lot of the questions you should be asking. YOU should have an agent looking out for your interests. I remember selling a FSBO to a buyer. The seller had converted their garage into a theater room. That was a great selling feature EXCEPT the Home Owners Association (HOA) had started enforcing the covenant and restriction requiring that all vehicles have adequate “car covering facilities”. If I were not representing these buyers they may have bought a house with a great theater room and then had the expense of building a garage. We were successfully able to negotiate a solution and everyone was happy.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Home Stager

Should you “stage” your home?  What is Home Staging?  Your home is comfortable and you live in it, if people don’t like your style too bad!  We have all had these thoughts when selling our homes.


Many years ago, before I got into real estate, my husband and I were selling our home.  The agent gave us a book called Dress Your House for Success.   I scoured through the book and did everything it said to do.  The agent ever so gently suggested that the shower curtain in the guest bath might not be to everyone’s taste.  How dare he?  Didn’t he understand that I coveted that fabric for weeks and that I paid $30 per yard for it?  Finally, one day I dragged it outside and “tea stained” it; toning it down just a little from the bright white, cornflower blue, and red.  If only I had known about home staging it might not have taken almost two years to sell that house.


Home staging is the process of showcasing a home to reach the attention of the majority of home buyers.  The home stager has learned the tricks of the trade to  “ac-cent-u-ate the positive, e-lem-i-nate the negative” features of the home.  It allows people to imagine themselves living in the home.  It has nothing to do with you personally or with your sense of comfort and style.  It is all about creating the scene, if you will, of them living out their perfect life in their new perfect home.


As Tammy Harrison has said many times, “When selling your home, it is extremely important that it look its very best, inside and out.  This is the key to creating a lasting impression and ensuring that buyers offer you the highest price possible for your home.  That is why homeowners and Realtors us the experienced staging experts”.    Home Stagers off a wide array of interior staging and redesign services to help you lock in profits when you sell.  Don’t sell your home or condo for less than it is worth.

Not selling your home or condo?  Look into having a stager “redesign” it for you.  We get so used to our things and our environment that we tend to not notice that a rug has seen better days, a lamp would look better on the other table, or that a different window treatment would really brighten up a dreary room.  Consider treating yourself to a room redesign often using items you already have in your home!


Check with us today.  We can put you in touch with some fantastic Home Stagers and Redesigners that can help YOU!